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It Came from Outer Space (Jack Arnold 1953)

Posted on October 12 at 17.21, 2007 by The occasional blogger

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it came from outer space1950’s Sci-Fi at its best.

It came from Outer Space set the standard in the early days of American cinema for serious and intelligent Sci-Fi by placing a reasonable amount of care in the writing, acting and directing of this film about a man who is rejected by his community after claiming to have seen a spaceship land in the desert where he lives.
The theme of ‘The Other’ is properly explored, as is that of the lone liberal man against a blind, unreasonable and conservative community.
It is regrettable that Universal, the studio behind many Sci-Fi flicks from that period and thus, probably the most open-minded studio in its acceptance of liberal themes, decided to nevertheless add the ‘creature’ after it concluded that the audience would not enjoy watching a 90 minutes film without ever seeing some kind of alien representation. Had they not chosen to do so, and consequently, had they not decided to incorporate this gigantic eye thingie as the terrifying monster, It Came from Outer Space would have been even more so sober and powerful, a pioneering film in ‘what you can’t see is even more creepy’ type horror and suspense cinema.

Shame i can’t find my 3D glasses…

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